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  • it’s official: after many weeks of trying out her balance, our baby is a sitter!
  • feeling, quite honestly, very burnt out this week
  • and overwhelmed by projects that keep piling up


  • trying to make the effort to remember the bright spots at the end of the day
  • feeling overcommitted, overextended, overwhelmed, over it!
  • thinking ahead to Michaelmas, and conquering my own dragons

the five of us


  • ten years ago today, my husband and I were married!
  • I feel amazed and surprised and happy, all at once
  • loving this big armful of children that he and I have made together


  • feeling, acutely, the passage of time
  • knowing that babyhood is so fleeting
  • knitting, knitting, knitting — Michaelmas will be here soon!


  • realizing (and loving!) that I’m one of “those” moms — the ones who knit at the pool every morning during their children’s swimming lessons
  • inspired every day by Fiona’s cheerfulness and complete joy
  • being a little too hard on myself lately


  • feeling sentimental — looking back at all three of my girls at the same ages
  • amazed that she’s rolling over, suddenly!
  • wondering how long it will take for her to figure out how to roll back

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As many as 85% of women experience some form of blues or depression in the year following the birth of a baby.

We are two of those women.


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